When Lighting Meets 3D Printing | Students from Zhejiang University City College Visit YDSIGN


On October 13th, more than seventy students from Zhejiang University City College visited Yongdian's factory area for observation and learning, experiencing the captivating charm of Yongdian's lighting. Lin Meixiu, from the General Office, introduced the achievements of YDSIGN in the outdoor landscape lighting industry to the visiting students, providing them with an initial understanding of YDSIGN.


The chairman, with the theme "The Application of 3D Printing in the Lighting Industry," specifically highlighted Yongdian's new industrial layout, focusing on MMLA 3D printing outdoor filaments, during the presentation to the students.


MMLA 3D printing filaments are crafted using a polymer alloy material with fully independent

intellectual property rights. It is an industrial-grade 3D printing

consumable, flame retardant, capable of achieving industrialized production with 3D printing technology. This addresses the pain points of rapid aging and poor flame retardancy associated with existing 3D printing consumables in outdoor usage in the current market.


MMLA 3D printing filaments can be applied in cultural and tourism lighting, lighting signage, light sculptures, festival lighting, model installations, etc. Coupled with Yongdian's achievements in smart control technology, it advances the industrial application and smart manufacturing of 3D printed products in the lighting industry!








.The students experienced an interactive 3D printed

light installation – "Peacock Opening."

The successful conclusion of the visit and learning activity by students from Zhejiang University City College at Yongdian contributes to a deeper understanding of the lighting industry, enhances awareness of 3D printing, and inspires individual career planning. Simultaneously, this activity facilitates advancing university-enterprise collaboration, supporting talent development

at universities, infusing fresh perspectives into the lighting industry, and laying a solid foundation for the development and talent resource reserve of the enterprise.