MMLA was awarded the Special Prize for Product Excellence in the 2020 Landscape Lighting Award by th


The 2021 China Landscape Lighting Industry Conference officially kicked off during the carefully prepared welcome banquet by Yongdian. Over a hundred experts, leaders, and professionals from universities, research institutions, planning and design, construction, and product development suppliers in the field of landscape lighting gathered from across the country.


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YD was invited to participate in this event, and MMLA 3D printing

outdoor polymer alloy consumables successfully won the "Special Prize for Product Excellence" at the 2020 Landscape Lighting Award by the China Illuminating Engineering Society.


YD gathered with numerous leaders from various associations and

industry experts in Hangzhou to explore the direction of landscape lighting and nighttime economic development. Together, they aim to create a new pattern of integration in multiple domains within the landscape lighting

industry chain.

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In the conference product exhibition area, Yongdian showcased a variety of model products, including 3D printed illuminated signs, integrated solutions, and high-quality signage products.

The staff actively answered various questions from the attendees about the products.


YD's Industrial Macromolecule Alloy MMLA 3D Printing Filament, with a flame retardant rating of V-0 level, are suitable for long-term outdoor use, resistant to high and low temperatures, and compatible with high-speed printing.


Industrial-grade 3D printing consumables, enabling the industrialized

production of 3D printing technology; compatible with mainstream 3D printing devices; addressing the pain points of rapid aging and poor flame retardancy associated with existing 3D printing consumables in outdoor usage in the current market.


The China Landscape Lighting Industry Conference brought together lighting professionals from across the nation in Hangzhou, contributing to the industry's grand event and discussing the future of lighting. Yongdian's MMLA has successfully overcome the limitations of 3D printing product applications, promoting the industrial application and smart manufacturing of 3D printed products in the lighting industry. Leveraging 3D printing technology, personalized and creative luminaires printed with MMLA can be used both indoors and outdoors for an extended period, with lower manufacturing costs. This virtually meets the creative needs of designers in almost any aspect. We firmly believe that the emergence of MMLA will bring a revolutionary transformation to industrial production in the lighting industry.